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I believe that the vibration of a space
should resonate in harmony with the soul
of the client and uplift the spirit.
- Sherry Garrett

Interior by Sherry Garrett Sherry Garrett Design offers 25 years of experience serving many repeat residential and commercial clients. Throughout her career, Sherry's interiors and furniture designs have been featured in Texas-based and international publications.

Respect and sensitivity for the individuality of each client and their privacy is of utmost importance to Sherry. She specializes in creating highly custom interiors that uniquely suit the clients' sensibilities, functional needs and budget. Each project is executed with uncompromising attention to detail.

"Diversity propels the life-force of this business; mediocrity is abhorred," she says. Her projects span a myriad of styles for an international and multicultural clientelle. These private residential projects reflect the clients' personalities with insight and inspiration.

While responding generously to her clients needs, Garrett never fails to deliver a one-of-a-kind effect.
- Texas Homes Magazine
Her commercial projects include law firms, banks and corporate offices. Whether dealing with public spaces, extraordinary executive suites or highly functional office systems, Sherry knows she can create the image you want and make your space come alive.

In the course of her career, Sherry had the deep privilege and pleasure to have worked with the late designer and antique dealer Thomas Lee Cook. Over the years, they collaborated on various projects and furniture designs. "He was a source of great inspiration to me," Sherry says. In honor of him and at his request, she has included some of their work together in her residential interior portfolio on this Web site.

Garrett's respect for sophistication is fortuitously matched by an equally powerful sense of humor. And finery, at long last, becomes fun.
- Texas Homes Magazine
In addition to her design work, Sherry also produces the Sherry Garrett Home Collection, a line of custom designed furniture, richly combining exotic skins and hides with other mediums such as acrylic, granite, gold and silver gilt, and stainless steel.

Her collection is designed in such a way that it is adaptable to many styles of interiors -- from the traditional neutral selections to the most avant-garde. You can be conservative ... or really have fun doing something outrageous.

Sherry is an honors graduate of the University of Texas at Austin where she received her bachelor of arts degree. Her studies included the history of classical European architecture and interior styles in Paris and Spain.