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Jan Felts Bullock, widow of former Texas Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock, says:
"Sherry has been gifted with a divine sense of style and good taste. I have seen many design jobs other than what she has done for us, and they were all exquisite.

"Sherry is a very patient and kind person and is truly a delight to work with, whether it be for a week, or for a year."

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letter from Jan Felts Bullock
Jolee Ritter, Eagles Bluff, Bullard, Texas, says:
"I have worked with Sherry Garrett beginning in the construction stage and continuing through decorating of my new home. She listened to my ideas, likes and dislikes. Then, with her keen sense of color, imagination and attention to detail helped me create a warm, comfortable and fabulous home that is truly me.

I have heard that if you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain, but this has not been my experience working with Sherry. Enthusiastic and professional, she tackles a job and somehow sees things that are invisible to others. She takes great joy in her work."

The late Jeff Austin, Sr., former Chairman and CEO of Austin Bank Corp., writes in part:
"I can assure you that Ms. Garrett is very sincere and capable with any work that she might undertake. She is financially responsible and very eager to please her customers."
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letter from Jeff Austin