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Residential Interiors

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Residence No. 1 Austin TX
West Facade East Facade Entry
Dining 1 Dining 2 Dining 3
Kitchen Living Room 1 Living Room 2
Media Room Garden Room Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Closet
Master Bathroom Cabana Bath Bathroom

Residence No. 2 Dallas TX
one_1 one_2 one_3
one_4 one_5 one_6
one_7 one_8 one_9
one_10 one_11 one_12
one_13 one_14


Residence No. 3 Tyler TX
tyler_residence tyler_residence_2 tyler_residence_3
tyler_residence_4 tyler_residence_5 tyler_residence_6

Residence No. 4 Dallas TX
two_1 two_2 two_3
two_4 two_5 two_6
two_7 two_8 two_9

Residence No. 5 Dallas TX
three_1 three_2 three_3
three_4 three_5

Residence No. 6 Austin area
one_1 four_2 one_3
one_4 one_5 four_6

Residence No. 7 Austin TX
five_1 five_2

PLEASE NOTE: (1) Residence Nos. 2, 3 & 4 were co-designed by Thomas Cook and Sherry Garrett. (2) Any endangered and/or exotic animal trophies in these photographs are family heirlooms passed from one generation to the next and were not acquired through Sherry Garrett Design.